We have paired up with Mila Greaves, owner of 9Senses and here is her story:

My name is Mila Greaves and I started 9Senses in 2015 to share my passion for products that comfort the body and mind.

I’m the mother of two beautiful girls who inspire me everyday. One of my daughters is on the Autism spectrum and is a sensory seeker, meaning she is very sensitive to stimulation from her environment.

To help her, I spent countless hours learning to make natural, soothing products that she would find comforting. I started with handmade soaps, and then branched out into other bath and body products.  

Like many other entrepreneurs, 9Senses started as a part-time passion project. The incredible feedback from friends and family who loved receiving our gentle soaps, soothing bath soaks and relaxing neck pillows as gifts led us to start exhibiting at local markets . We soon had a loyal, growing following and we spent almost every weekend at craft fairs throughout Ontario. Now I dedicate myself full-time to making an increasing range of natural bath and body products and sending our goods as far as Portugal, Turkey and Romania.

Family is very important to me. That’s why it’s such a joy that my two daughters and husband work alongside me to build 9Senses into a values-driven business that touches the lives of more and more people every year.

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